3 comments on “Old charm and Easter wishes

  1. I agree. I was reading that the study of handwriting may no longer be relevant since no one writes anything out anymore. A lot can be inferred from someone’s writing, as opposed to their typing! There is nothing like getting a nice written note. *sigh*

  2. I agree we aren’t much on post cards now days. I think the postal folks are as much to blame with constantly raising the costs.

    The art of old was great. But just think Jayne how many trees we now save. ;-)

    Blessed Easter my friend.

  3. Carma – you’re absolutely right handwriting almost says as much as the words that are written and yet with modern technology there is little reason to even learn how to write. Oh no… How depressing!

    Bonnie – That’s a bit of cheerful lateral thinking: More trees! :D

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