13 comments on “‘Norvege 387 pointes’ ~ woohoo

  1. Oh, I quite like that song!
    Haven’t seen or heard much of the contest from here in Oz but some of the songs sound great! :)

    • Give it time and I’m sure they will find a way to include Australia in ‘Europe’. I mean, according to the organisers, Europe already includes Russia and Israel!!
      Yes, the winner was strangely catchy – hence the record number of votes.

  2. yha ben bu ALEXANDER RYBAK’A AŞIĞIM bu, bu kadar şeker,tatlı ve yakışıklı olmak zorundamı?
    Bir gün onunla karşılaşmaktan başka ne isterim acaba?

    • Hello guselim, Yes he is good looking and judging by the number of visitors I get to this page other people think so too!

    • Hi Saba, Thanks for stopping by. Yes Alexander is cute and I expect that there are many girls out there who share your wish. :)

  3. yupp i really like his song.. but not him. just the song and his voice.. i think he is a really good singer. I’m from turkey and i think if hadise cud sing better, we could be the third.. watever.. congraz to norway! ok.. he looks cute but i dont think he is REALLY handsome.. and my mom is asking: ‘did he drink his milk before he went to bed??’ . -thats not my question x))

    • Hehe…I can see that he is good looking if you’re under a certain age. As I’m probably closer to your Mum’s age however, I have to say that a very similar thought had crossed my mind…..he does look so terribly young! Bless him. :)

  4. He’s really hot, and thats why I voteted Norway!
    Soo… yhe song is also good, buth he hasend won it if he was ugle. Buth he’s really really HOT!

  5. I think I agree with you hands in the world of officially Alexander Rybak. impossible not to fall in love with her friends. and now we get next. that we get kissed.

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