5 comments on “Gaga for the BRITS

  1. Oh my, that lacy number is something else! :-o (I must be getting old …).

    I do agree with you, though – Lady Gaga may be a pop singer but I think that she is actually very talented, and if she has the guts to carry off all these outfits then good on her (she has more nerve than I ever would in a thousand lifetimes!). I heard one of her live performances on the radio and was surprised at the strength and fabulousness of her voice. In the age of often super-manufactured music, it was a strangely refreshing relief to hear that she actually can sing! And yes, I can’t help but bop along to her music on the radio ;)

  2. I get a kick out of her too; everyone is so “cookie cutter” these days it’s nice to have someone willing to take some creative risks!

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