20 comments on “And here is the news…sort of

  1. I definitely agree about the holiday situation. Life would be so much more enjoyable if we had a good holiday, oh – every 2 weeks or so. Life should be celebrated!

    • We have 8 public holidays here (which include New Year and Christian festivals). I really do think that if we added just 4-5 more and shuffled around what *could* be shuffled (like the *2* non religious bank holidays in May) that we could wangle a day every single month when everyone would have a long weekend. Wouldn’t that just be so wonderful?

      I’m *serious*!! I’ve given this a lot of thought. :p

  2. I’m a little perplexed as to the “no airbrushing” if you can do that with lighting I must hire that photographer – stat!

    the button story is kind of funny *evil grin*

    • Well ‘cynical’ is my middle name so I’m not really buying it either. She has, at the very least, very gnarly arms with alarmingly prominent veins. They *say* that clever lighting disguised this. Bottom line however is that she is looking very much better than me!

      The button? I know. I couldn’t help but giggle. And the police are powerless to do anything as it’s a totally legal protest. :)

  3. I’ll bet people caught in that back up were mad! No airbrushing? yeah, right! But if we had her money, we could probably buy bodies like that re:personal trainers and plastic surgery…she does look great! (even though I have never been fond of her person or her talent)

    • You’re so right. Given mega millions I’d hire a personal trainer, nutritionist and chef. You prepare it – I’ll eat it. You tell me these exercises are good – I’ll do them. It is easier when you can hire help but I do still admire her determination. She could equally say ‘I can’t be bothered’.

  4. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    I have my doubts about that being airbrush free as well. But you’re right, she looks great!

    • Happy Cinco de Mayo to you! Crumbs I feel quite excited by the whole idea of Cinco de Mayo … even if it does commemorate defeating potentially a whole bunch of my ancestors. Let’s celebrate!! ;) [[I’ll admit I only looked up the meaning of the day this ayem]

      Yeah…the airbrush thing? I’m only repeating what was in the Press but really, I don’t believe that statement with anyone nowadays!

  5. More holidays sound like a great idea to me!

    Hmmm. I’d love to look like Madonna but there is no way I want to work out as much as she must have to to look like that.

    • Y tu Mami. :) (Hope that’s correct)

      Airbrushing? Nice thought and all that but I think *every* magazine photo spread will have at least some PS work on it. That particular genie was let out of the bottle a long time ago now!

    • She and I are close to the same age and I can tell you that I do *not* look as good as that in bra and pants so, airbrush or not, I admire her! :)

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