21 comments on “Now With Added Banging Sounds

  1. wow, what a horrible shopping trip! After listening to all that shouting and grunting, a stiff drink might have been more in order! Glad you were able to get some quiet time after that intrusive and annoying shopping experience.

    • This is a fairly typical experience unfortunately, made much worse by the sudden rocket in heat. At least I’m all stocked up now!

  2. Wow, that post made me stressed out just reading it! Maybe bring a flask or a valium next time you go to that particular store (if not for you, then for the screaming children?) ;)

  3. I need a drink just reading this. Oh my…I’m glad you are home now!!!

    Peace is a gift indeed!

    • Me too! This house and the area where I live is so peaceful that this kind of assault on my eardrums is guaranteed to wind me up in record time!

  4. Haha, just as it happens, I was at the grocery store today, too. People and buggies everywhere. I don’t think that I’ve ever stood in a line-up for so long!

    There’s nothing like being home.

  5. A very good description of why I hate shopping. It’s not so bad here, but when we still lived in Orange County, California, I often called our shopping trips short to avoid following through on those murderous tendencies I would be experiencing.

  6. Oh my goodness! Just reading this post raised my blood pressure 50 points! Glad you were able to escape the chaos. ;)

  7. LOL. Sounds like a typical trip to Wal-Mart! Maybe you should try the tea laced with something stronger BEFORE you go next time? Thanks for the laugh.

    • The irony is that your US supermarkets are generally more spacious and so easier to negotiate than those over here but even so there is something specifically about Wal-Mart that is spookily reminiscent of here at home! Give me a Publix shop any day!

  8. can you shop on off-hours – when the little dear would still be sleeping or getting ready for bed – because you know you are just destined to run into them a third time!

    • I’ve figured out over the years that Monday and Thursday mornings are the quietest but quite clearly others have now figured this out too!

  9. I hate the grocery store. It’s full of stupid people. Unfortunately, stupid people have to eat too. I try to go early on Sunday mornings, or late on Friday or Saturday evenings. It’s less crowded then.

    • Ditto the above. Clearly a few of us have a similar cunning plan … except that other people (with screaming kids) are starting to cotton on!

  10. I am sorry for you really, I feel a lot of sympathy and all but… This post just made my day. So thank you! :) (I think we all hate grocery shopping, no matter where in the world we live)

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