19 comments on “To The Lighthouse

  1. The title for your sleeping giant photo reminded me of the rock formation in Ireland that is called the giants stepping stones or something like that.

    Sorry I can’t help you in the word department (that is one of my flaws– I never can find the correct word).

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I think the word you are looking for is “artist”! :) The closest thing I found to labeling this talent was Theodore Lipps’ “theory of empathy.”

  3. Sleeping giant really looks like a sleeping giant! It’s Memorial Day weekend here. I’m off to wine taste with a bunch of girl friends. Have a terrific long weekend!

  4. In the top photo I saw a lion’s head (female) and a pig’s head. Don’t know what that’s called, but as a child I spent hours in the summer laying on my back seeing things in the shapes of the clouds. We spent some summers in places where there wasn’t a whole lot more to do than stare at the clouds.

  5. There is a piece of land by the Golden Gate Bridge that I was told is a Native American Chief with a headdress laying over the water. It is impossible for me to see that piece of land without seeing the Chief, but when I show it to others some can’t see it. I stand there and go, “but that’s the nose and the neck…” .

    Pareidolia! Yes, I am guilty of pareidolia.

    • This is an instance where I wish there was a gadget to show what’s going on in my head, to see what I’m seeing. Someone, please work on that! If we ever get back to SF (and I plan that we will) you’ll have to tell me where I can see this. It sounds great.

  6. I’m not going to share what shapes I can see in those rocks, but then I always have had quite a vivid imagination. lol. Great shots though and they work perfectly in black and white…

  7. Yep, we’re celebrating Memorial Day in the US this weekend– 3 day vacation :-)

    So glad you shared these photos. I’m a big fan of black and whites done well, and these are done very well. The texture is so rich.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    • Thanks – It’s nice to hear that Joanna. Black and white is not my usual choice so it’s not something I feel very comfortable with – I’m a bit of a colour addict. :)

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