21 comments on “Golden Gate, in miniature

  1. If one could have afforded a tilt/shift lens…

    If you mean the various perspective commands in PS, then you can do quite a lot. The trick is to do it so that no one suspects that you have done it. Easy for smaller corrections – very difficult for larger ones (in my experience).

    • Yes, the lens will have to wait because in any case I’m having way too much fun playing with this! The perspective commands are something that I have yet to get into. [twiddling fingers] …Now you’ve sent me off in *another* direction! :D

    • I know! A Flickr friend posted a photo she’d done the other day and it came as news to me. Something new to try out is always fun. :)

  2. A new wonderful gadget to play with. Absolutely fabulous. I think your photo turned out splendidly!

  3. Very good! Quite convincing! :)
    Unfortunately I don’t really have the sorts of photos that would work for this kind of shot.


    • Honestly Val, if trying it out appeals at all then it’s worth looking through your photos. By the sounds of it, it will work on any scene where you were standing even only slightly above the view, so, for instance, I’ve seen good effects on street scenes taken from only one floor up.

  4. How much fun could you have with this?! Love it. My parents will be in San Francisco right this very minute, first stop on their eight-week trip :)

  5. Ahh, PhotoShop trickery. So much fun! I think I’ll try this some day…in my spare time! I love playing in Photoshop. Nice job. Can’t wait to see more.

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