20 comments on “Messing About On The Water

  1. I love how the boat slices the blue sky in your first picture. I like the emphasis on detail in the second picture. Very cool.

  2. We saw all sorts of yachts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida a few years ago. Our tour guide said “BOAT” was an acronym for Bring On Another Thousand! After seeing these, I believe it. But they are beautiful, and I’m jealous.

  3. Well you learn something new every day…. Thanks for that little gem of information, and love the shots too… Ooooh… and if you get an invite to play, can you put in a good word for me too… lol…

  4. I’ve seen some beautiful ladies in here in Florida. So much pride, time and money go into them. Sailboat are my favorite…so serene..

    • Me too. I could maybe stretch to one of those tiny little things that I see puttering around the bay on hot days (usually with children in them, on sailing lessons) but they’re not really the same thing!

  5. We see lots of yachts here in Seattle and they always look like fun to me — if I didn’t have to pay for them and the upkeep! Terrific captures and a fun post for the Y day! Hope your week is going well! enjoy!


  6. Great post, accompanied by great pictures. You’re always early, and this week I’m going to be late. I think my brain went on vacation.

    • Thank you Carol. I only post early because I’m never too sure when I’m going to be at this computer and I’m determined to make it a ‘full house’ here with 26 entries!

    • They’re toys for the lucky few, aren’t they? There are some people, moored in one of our marinas, who live permanently on their yacht – sold up everything to do so. It’s a romantic idea…but I’d have to learn to sail first!

  7. We have yachts everywhere around my neck of the woods. Such conspicuous overconsumption ( e ven though I’d secretlylove to go on a sail)!

    • I don’t begrudge people their grown-up toys – I just wish I could join them. I keep buying the lottery tickets… ‘cos you never know! ;)

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