19 comments on “Just Another Day At The Office

    • Interestingly, most, if not all of the lifeguards that are here in the summer are from Australia. How they hear about these jobs from half way across the planet, who knows? There must be a surfie grapevine!

    • I think everyone in a high pressure environment at least occasionally questions whether they wouldn’t be better off just selling bacon sarnies from a beach hut!

  1. When I was on holiday in Hawaii, most people seemed to have tourist related jobs. There was one particular guy who spent his days taking people out on his own private boat. From what he charged us, it didn’t pay much but, that guy was so damned happy. He had enough to pay for food, rent and whatever… and he got to do what he loved, everyday.

    • There’s a whole blog post in this about what choices we make in life, based around what we are happy to settle for. The gift is in knowing what you are happy to settle for.

      I think I’m quite driven to always strive for more but as my husband and I sat at the beach the other day, currently being well and truly side-swiped by being in the rat race, we both agreed that right now, we’d love to run a beach concession! (The trouble is, with our personalities that one beach concession would pretty soon turn into plans for another…and another…and pretty soon we’d be back in Stress Central)!

  2. Our youngest just got a job as an assistant golf pro at a golf club in Florida! Life is sooooo hard. Her thinking is that even though it doesn’t pay a whole lot, she will enjoy going to work every day. I think there’s something to be said for that but we’ll check in with her in a few months to see how she’s doing with that new budget. :-O

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