17 comments on “What a Palaver

  1. Thank you! I posted some comments about my concern for the future welfare of this child (because of the picture, the headline, and what some people were taking it to mean), only to be attacked. Like you, I can (kinda) see both sides and I expressed my support of the mother. But I was concerned because this poor little boy seems to have become a poster child of sorts for something that he may not even be. And this post is “forever” out there in cyberspace. I hope that this all turns out ok for that sweet little boy.

    • I haven’t seen your comments Kathy and, oh dear, am I late coming to things again? It’s ‘forever’ out in cyberspace?

      Unfortunately another truth about the internet is that yes, words are too easily misread but they are also occasionally deliberately misinterpreted by those who get their jollies from getting into a spat.

    • Well, you know, if you wanted to wear a dress I’d be the last person to judge you! Do you remember the Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry who had a female alter ego? I think he weathered the public storm pretty gracefully but I suspect he’s a lot braver than I would be. Hence why I keep much of the real me to myself.

    • Erotic flowers eh? Strangely enough, I think they might pass without too much controversy. At least I *think* they would… I’m going to have to check this out for myself!

  2. Time and again I cautioned mom’s and Grandmom’s about putting the face of their children on the net. In those days I knew about pedophiles lifting innocent pictures for their use. This all fell on deaf ears. Even churches post pictures of children, but in groups it is a bit harder to lift one.

    Aside from that calling her 5 yr. old gay is out of line.

    This morning’s news stated he had misgivings about the outfit but mom egged him on. When do we listen to a child’s misgivings?

    No I haven’t read her blog. I’m not even on FB any more.

    • Well you and I go back a long way in internet terms so you know that I agree with you. What we perceive as a quiet, safe space filled with friends can, all too readily be invaded and our family, our lives and our opinions be put under the spotlight of public scrutiny.

      I have never posted a photo of myself on my blog, I would never have posted a photo of my child and I would never have posted *this* photo, in particular. Regardless of what *I* think and feel about the situation, I know how controversial it will be to some and, yes I agree with you, how it will appeal to a certain type. Having made what I think was a mistake and having been put in the spotlight, the picture would have been quickly removed.

      I’ve read some of this lady’s blog and specifically the posts relating to this. Yes, her son did have reservations about going in. I’m not too sure why things proceeded ‘as is’ from there.

      You’ll also know that I’m not one to shy away from controversy and will charge hell with a bucket of water if I believe in something or see an injustice. Sometimes, however, the bold and the brave approach needs to be tempered, *especially* when innocent children are involved.

  3. oh gosh. You are seriously right. I cant imagine posting something so personal for all the world to see and scrutinize. sigh…

    • So do I – simply because this wouldn’t have been the huge issue that it now is if that photo hadn’t been posted to accompany the words written. The longer it remains there, the more it feels as if we are just defiantly making a larger point about attitudes in society, forgetting that a very small child is becoming the poster boy for that point.

  4. Wow! Had not heard about this. It worries me in general when bloggers post so many photos/info about their kids in general. I’m still protective about what I put out there about my son and he is a strapping teenager. You can never be too careful. And this incident brings it to a whole different level. What is put out there can never be taken back. Imagine if this boy googles himself when he is older and comes across mom’s post/debate :-(

    • I know. I’d be pretty p*ssed off if someone posted a photo of me without my permission, whether that photo was good, bad or indifferent. I suspect most people feel the same because we all know that photo is out there for ever and all time and can be copied, stored and used in whatever way others choose. I’m with you, I wouldn’t post images of my children and posting *this* image, with the accompanying text, I believe was an error of judgement. Although the mistake has been made and it’s already ‘out there’ I would certainly have removed it by now. I see today that it’s still up there. Each to his own …but I must say I don’t get it.

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