9 comments on “Dipsomaniac, Demented Gibbon

  1. Welcome back! Welcome back! It sounds like you had a terrific and *warm* vacation! Nothing like the freezing cold and snow that’s blanketed most of Europe and parts of the States! Looking forward to your sigh-worthy photos (and I’d love if I could giftwrap like a demented gibbon – since I can’t giftwrap at all! :))

    Hope the holiday week ahead is a terrific one!

  2. Lol.. Well at least you have have an excuse I guess… I won’t have chance to even begin my wrapping until late christmas eve, and I hate to think what they’ll look end up looking like, as no doubt certain liquid “refreshments” will have an influence.. Welcome back Jayne, glad you’ve had a real nice break…

    • Oh I remember those days with young children around…and yes, how Santa’s helpers did sometimes partake of a little liquid cheer in order to ease the last minute wrapping task. It’s fortunate that children really don’t care how things are wrapped as speed shredding of wrapping paper seems to be an innate talent in them all! :D

  3. next time you are in Florida – if you are looking for accommodations, I know a place you can stay if you don’t mind smoke and provided you remember to close all interior doors at all times. Let me know…

  4. You returned as we were leaving for Florida! Hope your trip was warmer than ours. A huge storm front marched across the nation dumping snow and frigid temps as far south as Florida! Welcome back. I hope you have better luck with my blog now.

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