20 comments on “Sakura Sunshine

  1. That’s so unfair if this is a recent shot… Just cos you’re living on a slightly more tropical isle than I doesn’t mean you’re entitled to better weather… lol… Real nice shot Jayne, and real nice use of bokeh…

    • LOL…no, it was taken at the start of May last year. I just felt in need of a little Sakura Sunshine and thought others might appreciate it too.

      It’s grey here today …very very grey. :)

  2. It’s snowing here today, so a pretty bit of spring was very welcome. I love the sharp focus on the buds, with the assurance of full-blown flowers hazy in the background.

    • To be honest? Er, I’m not too sure! It’ll partly be an overlay that I used – French Canvas (by Florabella). That enhanced the yellow that was already there but where that yellow came from? Well our grass (the background) wasn’t looking too pukka at the time (!) and I did alter the colour levels in RAW to make the image warmer, so I’m guessing I added more yellow. That’s the trouble, if I play with images it is just that – playing until I see something I like. I don’t remember how I got to the end result so I can rarely repeat it!

  3. Absolutely beautiful…… Love the previous post too, it made me smile. You also make me realise how little I know about photography.

    • Thanks Cathy. I smile at how little I know about photography. I’m wondering when it will all start to sink in and become second nature! :)

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