12 comments on “My New Car

  1. We saw several smart cars in Beijing. My daughter wants one. Such a small vehicle would be daunting for me in places like LA, but I love that it can be parked almost anywhere. They are sure cute!

    • I love the size of my car and it mostly suits my needs nowadays but all your cars are so very much bigger over there that I think I might feel a little vulnerable in it whilst in heavy U.S. traffic.

  2. Mmmmmmmmm… I want one… Mind you, if I’d just spent a million on that particular one, I’m not sure I’d be too impressed having throngs of people pawing all over it.. lol..

    You didn’t fancy putting yours in as a part exchange against one then eh ???…

    • My husband told me last night that the One77 we saw is being trashed!!! …Something to do with it being a pre-production car. Quelle waste-o!

  3. I’m so not a car person, but that Aston Martin is GORGEOUS. Pretty sure I’ll always drive a Civic though!

    • The powder blue beauty was sitting beside the One77. All eyes were pointed the other way of course and I commented how it was such a *beautiful* colour. A man swung round to look at me and I could just see the thoughts bumping across his forehead in neon lights: ‘poor. dumb. female.’
      It *is* a beautiful piece of engineering though … *especially* in that pretty blue! :)

  4. I can appreciate the sleekness of the Aston Martin’s design, but spending that kind of money on a piece of metal? Not for me. I will stick with my Civic.

  5. LOLing! Polly Pocket car….priceless. But much too small for my taste. I tend to call cars like these *kill me cars* since I see a lot of them after accidents on the highways here. Not a pretty site.

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