15 comments on “Fairytale Dopplegangers

  1. I’ve seen this image floating around the internet and I wondered if it had been doctored up or if it was straight from the cartoons. Who knows? It’s funny either way. Poor B and E :) Even though they looked terrible, I feel a bit bad for all the rough reviews they’ve had. It can’t be easy. I do love that she’s auctioning the hat though, hopefully she’s able to have a bit of a laugh at herself!

  2. LOL… Seriously though… Someone must have cashed in on a serious bet getting her to wear that “hat”…. It would have been far better suited sitting atop a wind turbine… ;)

  3. Maybe they’re both fans of Walt Disney and based their clothes on the films? (I suspect those are either from WD films or are fakes of them). Made me laugh anyway! Hee! :)

  4. I’ve seen this but it still makes me smile. It’s Photoshopped because Cinderella was a blonde :-)

    LOVE, love, love that the hat’s up for auction. She got a ton of heat for it but no one’s trashing the designer. Oh well.

    Cheers, jj

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