8 comments on “Hookie Heaven

  1. It is good to know you are still of this world and doing well. Very creative, your little friends, and made without patterns! I must have patterns, I am a follower of written instructions. I can and will improvise a bit, but I need the basic help before me.

  2. you are incredibly talented and have inspired to pick up my crocheting again once winter hits. It was incredibly calming with the repetitiveness and the feel of the yarn. I can see how it can get addictive. I am happy you are pursing your crafts in earnest. You have a lot of creativity!!

  3. Crocheted dinosaurs! Lol! :) I also crochet without writing down what I’ve done. I make (or rather ‘made’ as I’ve not done it in ages) silly hats!

    Move to Wales. We’ve got plenty of water here. :)

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