I’m happily married to my childhood sweetheart with two beautiful daughters.  In my time I’ve been a career woman, entrepeneur and homemaker but my whole life changed a few years ago when I had a haemorrhagic stroke (brain haemorrhage).  With resulting minor disabilities to cope with, it would have been so easy to go into a downward spiral but the whole experience has instead taught me that I’m a fighter in life who prefers to focus on the positive and not the negative.   As a life-long crafter for instance, the slower pace of my life now allows me to indulge in my creative side and  I’m loving it!  I’ve been writing online pretty much constantly for 15+ years but only started blogging about four/five years ago and I love the new friendships that I’m making.
I’m so happy that you’ve taken the time to stop by and hope that you’ll check in often!
My interests and passions:  My family, our pets, photography,  embroidery, music, cooking, wildlife, nature, graphics, computer aided design, genealogy, writing, old photos, old graphics, art, philosophy, antiques, vintage postcards, crafting, architecture, scrapbooking, the environment, design, fabric stores, crochet, vintage linens and dishes, cross stitch, conservation, herbs, gardening, travel, the sea, sea glass, pebbles, shells, boogie boarding, gardening, indoor plants, interior design, news, cats, current affairs, science, beauty products, natural beauty products, the unexplained, ghosts, psychic phenomena, ufos, clouds, apple pie, stationery stores, humour, flea markets, sunsets, rocks, crystals, brocante, buttons, television, films.


Email:  celcelore(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

(Also writing at Voix Douce)

8 comments on “Moi?

  1. I forgot to answer your question about my mint balls (Ooer!) The chocolate inside is quite airy its not a solid ball of chocolate so it was quite easy to put on a cocktail stick (and about 6 made it into my mouth aswell) X

  2. LOL…a highly calorific evening then. And why not? Sounds fun …And I’ll have to keep an eye out for those minty balls :)

  3. nicely put :) checkout my blog – I’ve only written three entries…but am new to this so with time more shall come!!

    also I have a question – since I am new to this, I have written a small bio about myself but have no clue how to show it on my page – hence, how do you show that “about tab”??

  4. I find this blog absolutely visually stunning! I watched the tango dance between J-Lo and Gere. I agree, sexy indeed.

    I’m inspired by your heart and your courage. Most of all your decision to continue to actually LIVE your life, no actually EMBRACE it!

    You are very gifted. I shall return again and again..

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