Below is a collection of awards that have been passed on to me.  This is not only a lovely way to learn more about people but also to ‘pay it forward’ by potentially increasing blog traffic and to find new blogs to read.  I’m very touched that my blog friends have thought of me in this way – thank you all.

Without meaning in any way to sound ungrateful, can I just say that I’m really not the best recipient of future awards that come with criteria to fulfil.  The truth is that I tend to keep my internet reads relatively small in number, so that I can devote real attention to what you all write, rather than a meaningless ‘comment and run’ policy.  My small group means that I can rarely fulfil the criteria associated with awards, as many of my friends will have already received whatever is being offered to me.

To precis down my usual wiffle: thank you so much, but in future it’s probably best to award to someone else.

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